What we do

For Our Team

The goal for our team is to cultivate an ambitious, eclectic culture where every individual has the ability to showcase their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. With an environment based on daily progression, each member of our team here at PalmState arrives to work with goals set and a determined mindset for growth. Enthusiasm flourishes within our office atmosphere which, by default, provides positive momentum to our team to continue to strive forward each and every day. During training we strive to instill the most effective marketing tactics to our team members and hold true to our promise to always provide equal advancement opportunities founded on merit and credibility, not seniority. If you need a career avenue to give you the return from your professional skills that you’ve been looking for, PalmState Consulting just may be the best fit for you.

For Our Clients

The goal for our clients is to represent them with the utmost professionalism and accuracy, while growing their consumer base the most efficient way possible. The relationships that we have built with our current client base and those clients which we look to partner with in the future are founded on rapid growth and new market acquisitions. This mutually beneficial model has provided us with sustainable business endeavors in hundreds of new markets, with many more to come in the future. The representation of our clients, our team and our brand is something we hold in high regard here at PalmState, which in turn has put us yet another step ahead of our competition.

For Our Community

One of our values here at PalmState is giving back to the embracing community of Columbia, South Carolina. Below are a few of the several charities that we are involved with as well as local businesses and organizations that have offered us their continual support.

PalmState Consulting is growing!