About Us

Who we are


PalmState Consulting offers hands on marketing experience for ambitious individuals seeking to further their entrepreneurial careers. The management team provides a structured course for advancement within the company based purely on merit, not seniority. PalmState aims to develop their employees beyond their comfort zones in an effort to help them accomplish challenging goals in astonishing amounts of time, allowing for many employees to advance into management roles in less than a year.

This management development process begins with entry level training in several fields, including: marketing, teaching, training and developing fellow team members, as well as a full understanding of the back-end of business operations. Following this training, successful members of the team advance into an independent management role where they are given opportunities to launch new territory expansions and manage their own office. Don’t let the corporate structure stall your urge for advancement, become part of a team of highly motivated, hardworking and ambitious individuals now!


With further expansion in sight and ambitious goals set, PalmState Consulting continues to recruit the highest caliber of Columbia’s work force to insure success to its clients, and advancement opportunities for its team. “We can’t have one without the other, it doesn’t work that way” says Andrew Barger, PalmState’s Director of Operations. By approaching large tasks with a series of incremental goals, PalmState aims to make it clear to its team exactly what it takes to advance from one company tier to the next. This is the basis for a merit based advancement system which allows hard work and determination to foster insurmountable success.

We have a team of strategic thinkers who all share a solution oriented mentality. PalmState’s positive work environment encourages its team to bring their energy and ideas into the room, which 100% of the time results in individual development and innovative conversations. The management team at PalmState encourages an ambitious atmosphere for advancement, which in turn fosters productive competition moving all parties forward. We are always looking for positive, like-minded individuals to bring to the team, as we know the success that we share is nothing short of contagious.

Company Philosophy

There are countless methodologies used to build brand recognition and cultivate a consumer base for a client. Using market analytics, we have determined that person to person interaction not only is the most effective way to express a service to a consumer, but the most rewarding. We strive to not only empower our clients with a more developed brand but to foster a relationship between the client and the consumer. With these tactics, a consumer will not only choose our clients as their own but will continue the relationship with return business and long term partnerships.

Our Mission

Working with the largest clients the world has to offer, our priority here at PalmState Consulting is to not only develop these brands, but to do so in a manner that benefits every party involved. Our team uses the provided training and skill sets to foster a foundational relationship between the consumer and the client. This aids our client base in not only short term, but long term success. By default, our clients are continually thankful for our efforts and progress that we have shown them over the course of time, which makes our relationship with them even stronger. With a satisfied consumer, an increasingly successful client and a team full of ambition and opportunity, all parties benefit in this process. Our mission at PalmState Consulting is to continue this mutually beneficial success and to meet goals each quarter that are greater than ever before.

Why Choose Us

PalmState Consulting continues to set itself apart from its competition because our team values much more than short term success or temporary business achievements. We strive to foster foundational relationships with all parties involved and to build an attachment between the client and consumer that holds stability and longevity. Our focus is not solely on the magnitude of a client’s consumer base, but the stability of that base to provide return business in the years to come.

PalmState Consulting is growing!